Would Leroy Sane at Bayern really cash in?


Is the transfer from Leroy Sane to FC Bayern getting closer? A change of the injured wingman in January is no longer excluded, especially since Manchester City could urgently need the money.

  • Bayern offers insanity salary for city star players
  • Sane urges a farewell from England
  • Manchester City could use 115 million euros well

Update: 14.11.2019, 15:02 clock

The Bundesliga record champion from Munich is ready, according to recent media reports, to push for Sane in terms of salary payments in new spheres. So the "Mirror" reported that the Munich want to pay the national player up to 23 million euros per year.

In addition to the record remittance of around 115 million euros, a Sane transfer from Manchester would also be an absolute Bundesliga record in this category.

Update: 12.11.2019, 11:52 clock

A change of Leroy Sane would flush a lot of money in the city coffers. According to the "Sun", the Citizens hope for a transfer fee of approximately 115 million euros. The money would put the Skyblues in a defensive reinforcement.

Because defender Aymeric Laporte is missing because of a meniscal damage for at least three months, John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi are currently both in a form low. Recently helped midfielder Fernandinho repeatedly in central defense.

Runta Dias of SL Benfica is the candidate of choice. The 22-year-old defender draws attention in Portugal and has twice captained Benfica in the Champions League.

The 16-time national player is still tied to the Portuguese champions until 2024, the transfer fee would be correspondingly high.

In addition, Manchester has reached the limit of the English FA Association, after a maximum of 17 foreign players may be in the squad. With the commitment of a Portuguese another legionary would have to give way.

Update: 11.11.2019, 14:54 clock

It is probably getting serious: The signs that Leroy Sane could soon play for Bayern, thickening.

Ultimately, it was probably only his cruciate ligament rupture, the Sane held off a move to Munich, now the deal could go in the winter over the stage.

As the portal "theathletic" reports, the national player is pushing for a move to Munich.

A transfer during the winter transfer window in January is unlikely given the injured status of the 23-year-old, but he is not excluded. Especially since Sane has not renewed his 2021 ongoing contract contrary to the desire of ManCity so far.

Update: 08.11.2019, 09:38 clock

The chances that the well-known German national player Leroy Sane will return to the pitch later this season will increase. The injured Manchester City winger boosts his rehab stint in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old already trains in the gym and lifts 20 kilograms on the leg press. In about two weeks Sane could even start with light running training and stabilization exercises. This reports the "Sun".

City coach Pep Guardiola was originally out of downtime until March. According to the latest information, February is already a realistic goal.

Sane had torn the cruciate ligament in the Community Shield against Liverpool at the beginning of the season. In the US, the ex-Schalke is now working on his comeback.

Update: 29.10.2019, 12:44 clock

After the UK portal "teamtalk" just wanted to know that Leroy Sane is leaving Manchester City next summer, "Sky" is catching up and reporting that talks are currently underway between negotiators and agencies.

The national player had the leaders of the club to understand that he wants to change to Bayern, it is said.

In return, the German record champion to be ready to transfer a transfer fee of around 115 million euros to Manchester. This Sane would be the new record transfer in Bundesliga history.

However, exactly when the transfer should take place is still open. According to "Sky" both a winter and a summer change is conceivable. However, the trend is more likely to close in the middle of 2020.

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