AfD dispute in the fire service – NRW against resignation


NRW-Landesverband is against demands that association president Hartmut Ziebs should resign. Head of the country Jan Heinisch accuses rebels of "comradeship behavior".

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Stand 13.11.2019, 14:51 clock

Dusseldorf. The power struggle at the head of the German Fire Service Association (DFV), representing the interests of about 1.3 million firefighters in Germany, is expanding into a conflagration. One day after five of seven Vice President DFV President Hartmut Ziebs have called for resignation, the National Association of North Rhine-Westphalia faces against the signatories of the resignation. "My expectations as chairman of a DFV member association to the DFV presidium are that the members of the presidium do not confront each other reciprocally with demands for resignation and that they contribute to the detriment of our association in public, but that they fulfill their statutory tasks internally, constructive, pragmatic and comradely ", it says in an open letter of the NRW chairman Jan Heinisch to the co-signer of the resignation demand Lars Oschmann, Federal Vice and Thuringian federation chief. Opponents demand resignation The demand for the resignation just on the day to spread, on which Ziebs "Mother died, called Heinisch" not only unkameradschaftlich, but simply tasteless ". The 60-year-old Ziebs had hired a 39-year-old, Turkish-born federal executive and demanded to distance himself clearly from right-wing AfD sympathizers among the 1.3 million members of the association. Above all, a statement by the association president apparently brings his opponents into a rage. As Ziebs said a few weeks ago: "The partially right-wing national tendencies in the AfD are a threat to democracy. It would be dramatic if the fire brigade slipped in there. "As an example, Ziebs referred in a newspaper interview to Rhineland-Palatinate, where the state executive had pronounced the recommendation to his comrades:" If you need money, turn to the AfD. " The Rhineland-Palatinate association chairman Frank Hachemer is also one of the signatories to the resignation. Allegation of lack of teamwork The exact reason for the call to cancel Ziebs' opponents still do not want to call on demand. Oschmann said this editorial only, Ziebs had shown "lack of understanding for teamwork." The Vice President and responsible for the youth fire departments in Germany, Christian Patzelt, said: "We will not comment on the reasons." The power struggle in the German Fire Service Association has now reached the political level. The editors said the Greens Bundestag deputy and domestic expert Irene Mihalic: "If the clear statement by Hartmut Ziebs that racist ideology within the fire department must have no place, the reason for the internal campaign against him, it would be an outrageous process." She expect exactly from a federation president, that such a position in today's times clearly and clearly represents. "The fire-brigades and their predominantly freiwillige members are particularly for the protection of our society, therefore they must be above reproach and for help everyone in emergencies, "said Mihalic. Support for members of the association Also in the social networks, Ziebs offers a broad wave of sympathy. A member of the Union wrote on Twitter: "As a member of a public fire brigade, it is imperative to commit to the liberal democratic constitution. Anyone who once had the good fortune to meet @ HartmutZiebs personally, knows that he is fully committed, and with words and deeds. "Ziebs himself told the editors:" I am in my service as President of the German Fire Service Association no Mistake: Accusations of hiring a woman of Turkish origin as federal manager, my clear stance against right-wing national tendencies and personnel decisions within my authority are absolutely groundless, and it is not clear to me at this time why I should resign. " Deselection of the President would be a novelty The six-year term of the President ends in 2021. If he does not resign, could be initiated for the first time in the history of the DFV deselection. According to the statute, 160 delegates would not decide at the earliest in eight weeks. In a special meeting in Fulda on Sunday, the presidium "the majority of the confidence for further cooperation," said in an internal letter Opponents bring themselves in position In firefighting circles, some of the five rebels even ambitions for the post of firefighters presumed Hartmut Ziebs, who started working for the Freiwilligen Feuerwehr in Schwelm (NRW) more than 40 years ago, enjoys an international reputation, is Vice President of the World Fire Service Association and is considered to be a promising candidate for the office of President.

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