Alsace: sentenced for hiding for ten years the body of his mother and continued to touch his retirement


The corpse was concealed under the concrete slab of the garage. This was discovered in March 2017 gendarmes in a house Erckartswiller, a town of 300 inhabitants in the Bas-Rhin. After investigation, they quickly realized that the deceased's daughter had not declared her death so that she could continue to retire. And this, for more than ten years.

More than two years after the fact, this Alsatian 58 years appeared Thursday before the Court of Grande Instance Saverne (Bas-Rhin). At the helm, as reported by the Latest News of Alsace, the defendant explained in particular that it was caught in a spiral after the death of his mother in 2006 and did not warn the authorities, not knowing how to get out of this spiral.

More than 170 000 euros of damage

In all, the sums improperly collected through the retirement of the deceased amount to more than 170,000 euros over more than a decade. Despite the investigation, the cause of his death could not be established, but no trace of violence was found, still specify the DNA.

The defendant was finally sentenced to four years in prison, including two years suspended, and a three-year probation, with the obligation to work and repay the amount unduly received. All without a deposit warrant.

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