An arsenal of weapons, money and drugs is located in a Dutch campsite


The Hague, Nov. 15 (EFE) .- The Dutch Police located an arsenal of weapons, such as M16 kalashnikovs and machine guns, and a "substantial amount of money and drugs" hidden in a caravan campsite in Oss (central Holland) that belonged to "a family of criminals," the Dutch Prosecutor’s Office confirmed Friday.

After a three-day investigation, the Dutch Police arrested three men of 26, 48 and 55 years and seized "an arsenal of heavy weapons", which includes eight kalashnikovs, two M16 machine guns, a shotgun and six small weapons, which they were in hidden spaces in the forest closest to the campsite, "a spokeswoman for the US prosecutor told NOS.

The points where this group hid the material were constantly guarded with security cameras.

The operation involved police, government officials and military, who, in addition to weapons, located a bomb in one of the rooms, which "underlines the violent nature of this criminal network," the spokeswoman added.

The three detainees are the main actors in the criminal organization, the Prosecutor's Office considers, and one of them is Martien R., known as "the Godfather of Oss" by local media, who acts as the head of a "family of criminals" involved in the importation of hard drugs, arms trade, and production and marketing of synthetic drugs.

The three suspects went to court on Friday. The group leader is accused of introducing at least two batches of cocaine, one of 1,500 kilos and another of 300, in Dutch territory.

The 26-year-old boy would also be engaged in drug transport and vehicle theft, while the 55-year-old man was in charge of dealing with firearms.

None of the three had a job known to the authorities nor had they ever filed a tax return, so the Police had been keeping track of them for several months. EFE

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