Apple launches the 16-inch MacBook Pro


                            Bigger, more powerful, and new keyboard: this is the new 16-inch MacBook Pro that has been the stuff of rumors for months. In fact, it is rather an update of the model of 15 inches (which it replaces) than a disruption in the range of laptops Apple.                           </p><div id="single__post">
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Long announced by the rumor, the new MacBook Pro 16 inches has finally been officially announced by Apple. It replaces the old MacBook Pro 15-inch and starts at the same price, either from 2,699 euros (and up to 7,139 euros).

While it was thought that Apple was going to give a conference to announce some new products, including its AirPods Pro (read our test), released on the Apple Store a few weeks ago, the Cupertino company finally chose reiterate his strategy and launch his new MacBook Pro directly on his online store.

What's new on this new MacBook? In fact, the machine unveiled today by Apple looks a lot like the 15-inch model we've seen since 2016. No major upheaval in design, although some additions are welcome. One thinks in particular of the borders around the screen – which began to clearly hit the competition – which are now well finer, but not so borderless. This screen takes the good points of its predecessors, including the brightness, the faithful colorimetry or the True Tone, but one gains in particular one inch compared to the old model. Thinner borders require, the chassis hardly moves, although it is slightly larger (0.5 centimeters in length and 0.8 centimeters in width) and heavier (+200 grams).

Credits: Apple

Especially – and it was probably the most anticipated change by users – Apple finally abandons its butterfly keyboard introduced with the 12-inch MacBook in 2015, sadly renowned for its disastrous reliability, and replaced it with a more traditional scissor keyboard. Physically, the difference is barely perceptible, and this new 16-inch MacBook Pro takes more or less the same type of keyboard as the latest Magic Keyboard of the firm, is rather flat keys but the race superior to keyboards butterflies. Above all, the innumerable problems of keys that are blocked should (finally) become old history. Above this keyboard, we still find the Touch Bar, with a nice little addition since the Esc key is no longer included in the touch bar but (re) becomes a physical key.

At the performance level, this new MacBook Pro is clearly the most powerful portable machine from Apple. We find, according to the configuration chosen, Intel Core i7 processors 6-core or i9 8-core latest generation, accompanied by 16 GB of RAM entry-level configurable up to 64 GB of RAM, and an AMD Radeon graphics card Pro 5500M. Storage side, there are 512 GB immediately (finally!) And up to 8 TB SSD option (+960 euros). Finally, there are new speakers improved and more powerful microphones. Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro is available now at the Apple Online Store for delivery starting November 26.

Credits: Apple

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