CM Punk back in WWE TV instead of AEW: new backgrounds


"I'm gonna break the internet. I'm gonna break the world."

Related to the wrestling world, the former WWE top star CM Punk was quite right with these words. He pronounced it shortly before it became reality, something that had hinted at in the weeks before, but is still a sensation – with this history.

Five and a half years after he left the world's largest wrestling league, delivered a bitter mud fight with him and ended his career, the 41-year-old has now reappeared in the freshly launched WWE Backstage – after having previously blessed the young WWE advances. Rival AEW had shown the cold shoulder.

A first step towards the even bigger sensation, a comeback of Punk in the WWE-Ring? Or are his fans just making false hopes again? A clear answer to these questions does not yet exist – but new backgrounds have now delivered both punk itself and with the scene familiar media. Among other things, it has been leaked that Punk's contact with AEW was more concrete than previously known. SPORT1 arranges the informational situation.

CM Punk deal with WWE broadcaster Fox

In one of Fox – since this fall, the US home of Friday Night SmackDown and the new backstage show (on the offshoot FS1) – released video to see how the performance was prepared and punk disguised with a purple scarf was directed to the broadcast studio in Los Angeles.

On the way there Punk (bourgeois: Phil Brooks) tells of the conclusion of the deal: As previously announced, he ran over Fox, not via WWE directly – Punk's management reportedly contacted the broadcaster. The WWE executives should first have been skeptical, but then have not stood in the way.

Punk says nothing in the video, but talks about the course of the talks: Accordingly, he would have had the idea to return as a (color) commentator of WWE matches (a role he had filled out at independent times again and again ).

A detail that is not unsettling for the interpretation of Punk's intentions, because who knows the processes at WWE, knows: A return as a commentator would have been perceived even more than complete reintegration at WWE – all commentators important shows are for years very directly under the thumb by WWE boss Vince McMahon, who is notorious for dictating their most accurate instructions and vocalizations to the headphones.

"Analyst" at TV show Backstage – what does that mean?

In Punk's actual new role as a recurrent "special contributor and analyst", he does not have to be included in the same measure. Punk describes it like this: "The FoxResponsible people said: "We have A-Rod for baseball, Troy Aikman for football" – at WWE, he was the authority that had experienced everything.

What limps the comparison, however: former MLB star Alex Rodriguez and the former NFL quarterback Aikman, who for Fox working as experts, arrange real sporting events there. Punk talks about a sports show choreographed by WWE – in a WWE-intertwined show about the show.

In principle, there would also be a lot to evaluate at the WWE shows from an expert point of view – the quality of the matches, the quality of the show segments. That's exactly what happened with Backstage, but so far: The WWE employee Renee Young and the WWE-bound booker T moderated show is indeed a journalistic appeal. In fact, it is a WWE-dependent promo organ, a part of the WWE illusory world, about which the promotion has obviously the substance sovereignty. Although the WWE stars appearing there sometimes speak "out of character", there was nothing there about the station, which would not have been in the interests of the company superiors.

It will be exciting to see how Punk, with his reputation as a freethinker and plain-text speaker who has not only been cultivated since his legendary "Pipe Bomb", interprets his role. That he openly says there "AEW Dynamite I liked better this week", but it is unlikely.

Ring comeback no longer seems impossible

What the wrestling fans ultimately more busy: What does Punk want in the long term, after his dream to restart as a real fighter at the UFC, has burst? Is it the backstage deal, or is this agreement the door opener for negotiations on the ring comeback, the punk had long excluded?

Excluded now nothing works – the well networked Wrestling Observer notes in his current newsletter, "Those who spoke to him in August said he was looking for a big deal to come back." Similarly, AEW officials would assess the situation. Vice President Cody Rhodes had predicted this summer that Punk could end up back at WWE.

A new revelation of the ObserverDifferently than previously portrayed by both sides, Punk had a conversation with founder and boss Tony Khan last year – before the official formation of AEW. The billionaire son would have made him a "money offer", so a lucrative offer.

Although Punk had reported in July on an offer from AEW, but did not mention this, but another, later submitted offer, which he portrayed as halfway over text messages transmitted.

Frustration with AEW: "Made us look like stupid"

Like punk in that ESPNInterviewed about AEW, there caused considerable irritation: He criticized that the people responsible take his name repeatedly publicly in the mouth and thus raise false expectations among the fans – which Rhodes rejected as unfair reproach.

"I know he does not like us talking about him," Rhodes said in September Collider Live: "I have already explained it to him, I believe, many people ask us about him and I do not want to answer: 'no comment'."

Cody once again emphasized his appreciation for punk ("I really like Phil") in the same breath, but also commented, "He made us look like stupid stuff somewhere."

Survivor Series near punks home Chicago

What's also worth mentioning: Punk's demarcation of AEW took place in the context of the AEW show All Out at the end of August in Punk's hometown Chicago (where the fans mistreated WWE for years with calls for the renegade cult star).

Punk had an appearance at the fan convention Starrcast on the same weekend, which is not directly related to AEW, but so far ran parallel to each AEW major event in the same area. With his interview, he tried to avoid disappointed expectations that he would make a surprise appearance at AEW.

Now Punk is spiky with WWE but in a very similar situation. The timing of his emergence on Backstage is strategically well-placed, he falls in the middle of the catchy hype surrounding the Survivor Series. WWE's traditional event will take off on November 24, in less than a week and a half, and five days after Punk's first extended backstage appearance next week.

Scenery of the Survivor Series: the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois – 20 minutes drive northwest of Chicago.

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