Doubs: A 60-year-old man suspected of rape confused by his DNA twenty years later


The investigation was relaunched after the theft of a chainsaw. Confused by his DNA twenty years later, a 60 year old man was indicted on Friday for rape and sexual assault on two teenage girls in Besancon (Doubs) during New Year's Eve 2000 at the foot of Saint Ferjeux Basilica , says Republican East.

The prosecution requested the detention of the suspect who acknowledged the facts after his arrest on Wednesday, said the prosecutor of the Republic of Besancon, Étienne Manteaux.

The DNA of this 60-year-old Besancon-based inhabitant, with no criminal record and father of three, was taken last June after a chainsaw was stolen from his workplace. This DNA trace has been entered in the National Automated Fingerprint File (FNEG), as the procedure requires. It turned out to be the story of the perpetrator of a never-before-seen crime.

Blood taken from the phone and a T-shirt

On the night of December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000, two 13-year-old girls leave a party in Besancon and go to a phone booth to wish a happy new year to a close, said France Blue Besancon. A man approaches them and blocks them in the cabin. He forces them to undress and masturbate. One of the victims seizes the handset, hits the man several times in the face and manages to escape. Her friend is caught by the attacker, who imposes a digital penetration, before fleeing.

The assailant's blood was then taken by the gendarmes on the telephone and the T-shirt of one of the victims. "The DNA of the suspect was registered in the FNAEG, which had just been created in 1998. At the time it contained extremely few people," notes Étienne Manteaux. However, "there is a formal concordance" between the DNA collected in 2000 and that taken in June on the author of the theft of the chainsaw.

The sexagenarian "admitted very quickly" to be the author of these facts, saying "he was alcoholic and particularly angry because he had just made his vehicle," said the magistrate. In this case, the police had until now made two arrests followed by two police custody, but the case was filed in 2004.

Looking for other victims

One of the victims "said she was relieved and satisfied," said General Gauffeny, deputy commander of the Gendarmerie region of Burgundy Franche-Comte, who stressed the "exceptional" aspect of this case elucidated through a very good "conservation of seals".

The investigation of the search squad of the Besancon gendarmerie continues to determine in particular if there are other victims. "Can the facts described with such brutality and suddenness have been committed once in a lifetime? "Asks Étienne Manteaux.

Last month, a 67-year-old man was indicted for rape committed in October 1998 in the department of Vienne. This is the DNA trace taken from a packet of candy after a robbery in a carpentry that allowed to confuse it. Heard as a mere witness at the time, the sexagenarian acknowledged the facts.

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