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CO₂ price, commuter allowance, airline tickets: this is to ensure that Germany reaches the climate target in 2030. The most important points at a glance.

The German Bundestag has decided the controversial climate package despite clear criticism from the opposition. This is to ensure that Germany achieves its climate target by 2030 and saves 55 percent of greenhouse gases compared to 1990. The majority of the Union and SPD government groups voted in favor, the opposition against. The Climate Cabinet and the leaders of the Union and SPD had decided on the cornerstones of the Climate Protection Program 2030 less than two months ago. The opposition and trade associations criticized that they had so little time to look at and comment on the designs.

The package will pass the Federal Council later this year. Above all, the Greens in their nine state governments, but also other countries have registered requests.

Climate change Are you still flying?

Are you still flying?

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The most important points of the climate package at a glance:

From 2021, companies that market diesel and petrol, heating oil and natural gas in Germany will have to prove pollution rights for the amount of greenhouse gases that result from them. Of the CO₂ Prize is designed to make fossil fuels and heating more expensive so that citizens and industry can buy and develop climate-friendly technologies.

In 2021, this probably costs more than 4,000 affected companies only once ten euros per ton of CO₂, the price rises by 2025 gradually to 35 euros. From 2026 to a bit of supply and demand should determine the price, but initially with a ceiling of 60 €. For example, 35 euros per tonne would mean that diesel and heating oil would cost about eleven cents a liter, gasoline not quite ten cents. Experts criticize the entry of ten euros as too small, he has no steering effect.

The Taxes on airline tickets rise to April 2020. Flying is particularly harmful to the climate. The aviation tax for domestic and EU flights is increased by more than five euros to 13.03 euros per ticket, for longer flights up to 6000 kilometers by almost ten euros to 33.01 euros. With still further flights 59,43 euro become due, about 18 euro more than before. Airlines probably beat this tax at least partially on the air fares.

To compensate for the fact that diesel and gasoline over the CO₂ price are more expensive, the Commuter package for longer Stretching for five years. From the 21st kilometer commuters are allowed to deduct taxable income instead of 30 then 35 cents per kilometer per working day, but only for easy distance. Anyone who earns little and does not pay any taxes can get the money transferred to their account via a mobility bonus.

Building renovation is supported: Anyone who renovates walls, ceilings or roofs in their condominium or house, renews windows, doors, ventilation systems or heating systems should be taxed for more than three years from 2020 onwards. This also applies to the installation of digital energy saving systems. The real estate must be older than ten years, the funding opportunity is initially ten years. It is envisaged that 20 percent of the costs and a maximum total of € 40,000 per house or apartment over three years can be deducted from the tax liability.

About the possibility to demand more property tax Communities benefit more from wind turbines, This should increase the acceptance of wind turbines by local residents.

in the climate Change bill, which Minister of the Environment Svenja Schulze (SPD) celebrates as the "heart" of the climate resolutions, defines how much CO₂ they are allowed to emit in each year for the individual sectors such as transport, agriculture or buildings. If an area tears the guidelines, the responsible minister must present an immediate program, the federal government must follow-up.

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