Exit barrier against Frau von Weibhelm founder


The reasons for the death of the White Helmet founder James Le Mesurier are still unclear. Now Turkey has imposed an exit ban against his wife.

Four days after the death of the founder of the Syrian rescue organization Weibhelme in Istanbul, an exit ban has been imposed against his wife. The investigation into the death of James Le Mesurier, who hails from the UK, continued, the state news agency Anadolu reported. His wife had been interrogated twice. According to the news agency DHA, she has Swedish citizenship. Details on the reason of the exit barrier were initially unknown.

Le Mesurier was found dead in the Beyoglu district near his home on Monday. The Turkish police suspect that the 48-year-old crashed from a great height. According to Anadolu, his wife testified to the police that he had recently been under extreme stress and was taking sleeping pills and other medicines.

The White Helmets became well known for their involvement in the Syrian civil war, especially in the east of the long-fought city of Aleppo. They were often among the first helpers after bombing raids. In the past eight years, they saved more than 115,000 people according to US data. In 2016, the organization was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize. A short documentary about her was also awarded an Oscar.

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