France overthrown by Brazil after a crazy semi-final!


A France-Brazil always has a special flavor. Especially when the stake is a place in the final of a World Cup. Large winner of Spain in the quarterfinals (6-1), the team of France advanced with some certainty at the time of facing Brazil, host country, in the semifinals of the U17 World. In search of a supreme title, 18 years after the band to Florent Sinama-Pongolle, crowned in the category in Trinidad and Tobago, the men of Jean-Claude Giuntini sought to join Mexico, winner of the Netherlands in the shootings in goal (1-1, 4-3) in a first semifinal played a little earlier, on the same lawn of Estadio Bezerrão de Brazilia.

For this match, the French coach chose to rely on the skeleton of the eleven winner of the Rojita in the previous round. Aligned at the forefront, second scorer of the World Cup (4 goals), the Nathanael Mbuku Remi occupied the left side, when the Paris serial passer Adil Aouchiche (6 assists) was aligned in the axis and Isaac Lihadji right side. The Marseille striker emargait to 3 goals. Enzo Millot entered in the middle, and Arnaud Kalimuendo, in point. Lucien Agoume and Georginio Rutter started on the bench. Brazil coach Guilherme Dea also chose to rely on Italy's eleven goalscorer in the previous round (2-0). Only Thales passed on the bench, replaced by Diego Rosa.

2-0 in the quarter of an hour of play, the starting shot of the Blueberries!

In Brasilia, not really paralyzed by the issue the Blueberries made the perfect start! The top pressing of the four offensives foreshadowed a battle of every moment. After an attempt by Mbuku (6th), to warm up, it is Arnaud Kalimuendo who already deceived the vigilance of the Brazilian defense. Found in his back on a 7th decisive inspiration of Adil Aouchiche, the Parisian placed a shot under Matheus Donelli (1-0, 7th). After a period of hesitation, the VAR helped the referees to make up their minds. They validated the opening of the score. If Gremio midfielder Pedro Lucas sent a first cartridge as a reaction (11th), Melvin Zinga did not shake in the goal. And in the wake Nathanael Mbuku doubled the bet.

Like two old friends, the Stade de Reims striker combined perfectly with Timothee Pembele and sank into the opposition camp, before sneaking between two defenders to get into the box and adjust Donelli with a shot on the ground (2- 0, 14e). This sublime inspiration – his 5th in the World – allowed the Blueberries to break and chilled the arena of Brasilia before the quarter of an hour of play. This advantage acquired, the men of Jean-Claude Giuntini then began to manage, showing solid behind, resistant to the assaults of the locals. The blue block held, until the last moments of the first act and the moment chosen by the referee to whistle a penalty in favor of the premises.

A 3-0 ball, then a remuntada on the move

Intense on the right side, the side of Coritiba Yan Couto overflowed and returned to defend in its surface Nathanael Mbuku unbalanced. Did they believe. The referee saw the slow motion and decided otherwise. The Blueberries returned to the varnished locker room, when their counterparts were enraged. Back from the break, Brazilians seemed refreshed, but not dangerous. Tournant of the match (?), Arnaud Kalimuendo did not convert a ball of 3-0 K.O from outside the surface. His shot was flying (50th). The Blueberries were solid and solid, Mbuku and Lihadji not hesitating to return to help side, but the management of the score would eventually be paid.

The hour of play was the beginning of the end for the little Blues. Following a corner and a scramble in the area, Kaio Jorge reduced the score (2-1, 62nd). Unable to ward off the danger in front of Zinga's goal, the Blueberries saw Henry put a header to the goal, which Kaio Jorge (perhaps out of the game six meters) extended from the front into the goal. The public in Brasilia (15,000 people) was pushing and what was to happen happened. Jean-Claude Giuntini released Kalimuendo for Lepenant to bring solidity to the middle (68th). But on the back, France was bending. On a new confused action near the six meters, the strike of Couto repulsed by Zinga benefited Gabriel Veron. The winger of Palmeiras finished with a cross shot which passed between the legs of Chrislain Mastima (2-2, 76).

Lazaro completes unscrupulous work

Therefore, pessimistic that we are attentions the fatal blow carried by Brazilians excited by this completely crazy scenario. And yet, the Marseille Isaac Lihadji who had a goal ball after the tying goal. Positioned at the far post, the attack was at the fall of a balloon diverted by the porter of the Selecão. But the southpaw sent his shot right foot on the post despite the open goal (78th). It was then resumed to dream of a favorable outcome, at best a shootout sometimes happy, but Chrislain Matsima emerged to place a victorious head three minutes from time (87). Too good to be true. The big defender of Monaco was in position of off on what could have been the 8th decisive pass of Adil Aouchiche in this World Cup.

But it was written that Brazil would play a sixth U17 World Cup final, at home, against Mexico. And that the light would come from the tip of Lazaro's right foot, Flamengo striker out of the bench to enjoy a happy rebound on a clearance from his keeper and a Soppy slip in his surface. It was written that the kid who had played in the competition only 30 minutes against Angola, in the first round, would fix the Rennes side, tired after 90 minutes of intense efforts, and that he would adjust Melvin Zinga a tense and hidden shot sent to the first post. It was written that he would take off his shirt and Estadio Bezerrão de Brasilia would explode (89th, 2-3). The Blueberries will try, after that, to bring back the bronze of Brazil. It will be necessary to beat the Netherlands, Saturday.

Find the film of the meeting on our live commented.

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