Griezmann (Barcelona) evokes a problem of position, not stung


Posted on November 15, 2019 at 10:15 am – updated on November 15, 2019 at 10:52 am


Author of a disappointing performance, like the entire team of France against Moldova, Antoine Griezmann spoke about his difficult passage at FC Barcelona. Gerard Pique too.

Antoine Griezmann's performance against Moldova recalled two things. The first one ? The team of France is not always a loophole even if, from the time when he was still a player of Atletico de Madrid, the international parentheses had allowed him to find the air in the middle of some periods of unrest. The second ? The world champion selection is still dependent on him. So, inevitably, at the end of a disappointing performance of the Blues against Moldova (2-1), "Grizi" was immediately questioned about the difficulties he must overcome at FC Barcelona.

Griezmann must learn

And, as Didier Deschamps and Clement Lenglet had done before him in a press conference, the 28-year-old played the positioning card. "Playing in the axis is better for me, because I have my bearings," he recalled, after regaining its preferential place, in support of Olivier Giroud, while he is constantly aligned in a corridor, in Catalonia. "It's been years that I play in this position, I must adapt," he added. The Maconnais had been installed in the axis by Diego Simeone, on his arrival in Madrid. Prior to that, he had been winger at Real Sociedad. But it was more than five years ago. Griezmann must therefore learn. Or relearn: " I knew when I arrived in Barcelona that it was going to be hard. "

antoine griezmann fc barcelona

In Barcelona, ​​Antoine Griezmann evolves to a position where he lost his automatisms

Stung the spades

Since his performance is also a central topic in Spain, Griezmann also received more or less support from his most talkative teammate, Gerard Pique. Questioned by the Cadena Cope, the Barca defender first pressed where it hurts. "Real Sociedad and Atletico were teams that played for him. At Barca, we do not play for him considering the level of the team He said, before going on to a more encouraging speech: "He must find his space and that is what he does. He has talent and quality. I have a lot of respect for everything he brings us defensively. That's at least that's taken.

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