Grounded is Obsidian's crazy co-op survival & we played it


Grounded is different than most Obsidian fans would have expected. Grounded is different than most Obsidian fans would have expected.

As part of the XO19, the new project was presented by Obsidian Entertainment, which is best known for its RPG capabilities. Grounded is not a role play, but something completely different. In Spring 2020 via Xbox Game Preview the co-op survival title from the first person perspective for Xbox One and PC will go to the start.

The big feature: We are shrunken and compete against all kinds of small animals like ants.

We (my colleague Tobi) were able to test the game on the spot and tell you our impressions. First, we clarify, however, what is hidden behind the title exactly.

Grounded Trailer - Obsidian enters the survival genre very small


Grounded Trailer – Obsidian enters the survival genre very small

"Darling, I shrunk Fortnite"

The shrinking factor of Grounded is reflected here, especially in the setting, because the game world is basically just a normal garden – just from a completely different perspective.

We either stand alone or in co-op with up to three other players in the fight against the local mini-fauna and complete story-based PvE missions.

Many survival elements: Above all else, in Grounded we have to ensure our survival and for that we have to gather resources, build bases and also quench such needs as thirst. The latter works among other things with the dew, which we can farm from leaves.

Grounded – View screenshots of the co-op survival game

Why Survival? Most Obsidian fans might have expected another RPG from the developers, but according to CEO Feargus Urquhart, there's a lot of passion for Grounded in the team:

"We see ourselves as a creative studio and I can not wait to bring our RPG expertise to the survival genre."

That's Grounded

What could we allude to? 15 minutes of gameplay (build fort and defend against attacking enemies).

  • Setting is cool, the miniature style is something different and is well pulled
  • Looks and animations seem a bit rough, but the title is still work in progress
  • In order to develop the fort, resources have to be mined in the environment (for example grasses, stones, small plants etc.)
  • Blades of grass, for example, reinforce parts of the walls
  • Inside the fort there is a workbench for crafting objects etc.
  • Many Radialmenus with access to resources, Heilitems etc. while playing it was a bit overwhelming
  • Control itself needs some familiarization because of many actions, but then goes well from the hand
  • At first we only have one stone hoe, later we can use the appropriate resources to make stronger weapons such as axes or spears
  • Opponents such as ants, mites etc. often appear in groups and are quite aggressive – even their body parts can be recycled
  • Eating and drinking is essential: we can, for example, fry ants over a fire or drink small drops of water
  • After a while, many opponents suddenly attack the fort, which is pretty hectic and hopefully they have prepared well
  • After a death, you get back in and can then run back to the place of death to collect the lost items again
  • The weapons can also be thrown, but then there is a risk of losing them
  • A big spider is the main enemy in the storm on the fort, but it is really damn strong

First impression: A bit overwhelming, because thrown into the cold water, but after a bit of getting used to it, it's pretty fun because of the cool setting. In multiplayer sure again much cooler.

How do you like the concept of Grounded?

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