Hells stretch their good moment in the League


November 15, 2019 – 01:51
Salta Basket won his second win in a row in the Argentine League by beating Rivadavia (Mendoza) yesterday by 81 to 72. Tomorrow he will play against Barrio Parque.

Salta Basket won again in the Argentine League. Last night he defeated Rivadavia de Mendoza as a visitor by 81 to 72, in a match that dominated in the first two quarters but was complicated from the third. The infernal reacted the right moment to neutralize the Mendoza attack and added their fourth victory, in seven games, in the northwest conference.
Salta Basket started the first quarter with a 9-0 run that was a sign of the process the game would have in the first half. The infernal mastered all aspects of the game to build an advantage that threw away all the attempts of the home team.
The visitors closed the first quarter with an advantage of sixteen points (27-11). It was clear the dominance of Esteban Gatti's team against a team that lacked intensity, but with the push of his bias he was improving little by little. Already in the second quarter there was some more parity between them, always with the difference in favor of the infernal.
Rivadavia won the second quarter by just two points (15-13). Without doing anything extraordinary Salta Basket remained at the head of the scoreboard and went to the long break winning 40-26.
As usual, Salta Basket fell into a pothole in the third quarter. Rivadavia just set a trend with its intensity that allowed him to drastically reduce the difference he had against him. Fourteen down at halftime he ended up losing only with five points at the close of the third set (57-52).
With the inertia of the third quarter Rivadavia left zero the difference with 5 points in the first second of the last quarter. The match was matched in 57-57; The good thing for Salta Basket is that he reacted at the right time, achieved seven straight points to escape again on the scoreboard. The hell took up control of the shares and ended up winning (81-72) their fourth game in the Argentine League.
The Salta Basket tour will continue tomorrow facing Barrio Parque in Cordoba from 9.30 pm. From that province he will travel to La Banda, Santiago del Estero to play the semifinals of the South American League since 19.



J. Fumaneri 0 T. O’Garro 14
L. Silva 11 S. Gonzalez 12
G. Francese 6 F. Bazani 8
L. Mosley 19 M. Bolivar 13
R. Trebuc 13 (fi) C. Cardo 2 (fi)
V. Costa 6 J. Hierrezuelo 2
S. Arancibia 6 C. Schoppler 12
J. Sosa 0 N. Buchaillot 2
L. Tambucci 11 M. Bernardini 6
Q. Davis 0 N. Alvarez 0
I. Lanzavecchia 0 E. Stucky 10
J. Cano 0

DT: F. Minelli DT: E. Gatti

Partial: 11-27 (11-27), 15-13 (26-40), 26-17 (52-57), 20-24 (72-81).

Stadium: L. Brozovix (Rivadavia).

Referees: Silvio Guzman, Maximiliano Piedrabuena and Rodrigo Oliver.

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