"In the United States, Madrid and Andalusia know about cinema and not tourism"



The Spanish filmmaker and based in the United States Paco Cabezas returns to his homeland with the Spanish production 'Adios', a thriller starring Mario Casas and Natalia de Molina that opens next Friday, November 22.

"In the United States they know Madrid and Andalusia for the cinema they see there and not for tourism ads," said the filmmaker this Friday during an interview with Europa Press, in which he has asked for support to Spanish cinema, which he says " generates work and tourism. "

"Both the left and the right have to realize that we must support the cinema. If it does not support it, we die," said Cabezas, who after premiering 'Neon Meat' in 2011 – also with Mario Casas– He began working in the United States, where he has directed Nicholas Cage in 'Tokarev' and series like 'Penny Dreadful' or 'The alienist'.

As noted, he rejected a project by Steven Spielberg, on the adaptation of the science fiction video game 'Halo', to make this film. "I don't want more extraterrestrial series but more movies with human beings," said Cabezas, who feels "lazy" to tell the same stories.

'Goodbye', which Cabezas considers his "best film", takes place in the neighborhood of the Three Thousand Homes of Seville. There, an inspector (Ruth Diaz) has to deal with the misgivings of Juan (Mario Casas), father of the girl and head of the Saints clan. The search for truth will uncover a network of secrets and lies and rethink the sense of justice.

"At the level of violence I have done everything that could be done," said the filmmaker, who felt a debt to his country and who feels that "Spanish cinema lives an important moment," with "means to tell good stories" and with confidence in the screenwriter, to whom "power" is given.

The parents' love for their children is one of the constants of this thriller and, as Cabezas has pointed out, it is an issue that obsesses him and that appears in all his films. "What drives us to do the greatest follies is a son," he said.


The actor Mario Casas plays in 'Goodbye' a character "from the street, from the neighborhood", who is "earthly, racial and pure" and who keeps "similarities" with the role he played in "Neon Meat" (2011) , also under the orders of Paco Cabezas.

On this occasion, Casas faces the challenge of achieving credibility with a Sevillian accent, something that was "attractive" to him because it meant "getting out of the comfort zone", playing it and having a good time. "I need not to get bored, because if not, my work does not make sense. The public must offer different things," he said.

On the other hand, Natalia de Molina, who gives life to Casas's wife in fiction, had the mission of noticing that her character has "passed her life". "She is a woman with hope, but in her eyes she sees what she has lived, and that she has to find the strength to get out of pain." Auque De Molina has already premiered in the thriller with 'Animals without a collar', by Jota Linares, points out that this film is "more visceral".

In the case of Ruth Diaz, the actress plays a homicide inspector who "in a very complicated time", which is seen in "small pills" in history, and that makes him the most cryptic character of all. In addition, it is his debut in the role of a policewoman, something that Cabezas was surprised and about which he had no doubt, as he highlighted.

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