Jordan Myles resigns through a video on Twitter


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The American fighter Jordan Myles resigned this morning to the World Wrestling Enterteinment (WWE) through a live Twitter video.

Myles I worked since February for the brand NXT, which is responsible for developing the talent that will soon 'rise' to the main roster.

"From today, I want to officially announce that I quit the WWE whore, I am no longer his employee. I refuse to work for racists. I quit, fuck with them. I hate the fucking company and all it represents, all they do is keep people, I don't need the fucking permission of anyone to do what I want to do. Fuckin Jordan Myles never call me back by my slave name, call me ACH. I quit. Fuck youWWE) ", were the statements of the fighter.

The fighter and the US company were in the 'eye of the hurricane' in recent weeks in USA after a t-shirt with the name of Jordan Myles, which resembled the smile of 'Black Face'.

'Black Face' It was a make-up that was used during the 19th century to represent the African-American race, which today is considered offensive.


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