Lewis Hamilton's hard and sincere comment


Lewis Hamilton he was crowned champion of the Formula 1 and the Briton assured that "if it were White“, Would be a more recognized figure.

In an event sponsored by Mercedes, prior to Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton assured that he does not run to be recognized, but does consider that if White, would receive more recognition and therefore also prefers to focus on other things.

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"I do not run for recognition, is not what drives me, I do not seek to think about that. Maybe things were different if I were Whitebut in the end I prefer to focus on the positive things"He declared British.

On future drivers who can mark a hegemony in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton considered how much Max Verstappen how Charles Leclerc they have conditions to do it, although of course, it is not discarded to “stop them”.

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"I think you both have styles from pilotage aggressive, what it is great. On who will win, I hope I'm still there to stop them"He added.

Finally, Lewis Hamilton closed with another great message about building a circuit in Janiero River. Not only does he consider the current one to be good and historical, but considers that all that money that is thought to be invested could be used in better causes, such as education, the infrastructure, among other things.

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"He money could be used in better causes, to the infrastructure of the cities, for example, since there is still a lot of poverty. If it was my money, I would use it for a better cause. The education is key for example"He sentenced.

Lewis Hamilton has been crowned in four of the last five years in the Formula 1. The only season he failed, was Nico Rosberg who kept the title. He British is at a championship to match the historic record of Michael Schumacher.

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