Marvel: Mark Ruffalo commented on Tom Holland's return to UCM after Disney and Sony controversy | Avengers 4 Endgame | Marvel | Cinema Comics


Both movies Avengers: Endgame Y Spider-Man: Far From Home they had the presence of Spider-man with the other Avengers. After these premieres, Disney, Sony and Marvel studios The negotiations for the following productions began.

The great controversy came with the disagreement between Marvel Studios, Disney and Sony Pictures. Recall that the last company has the rights to Spider-man and he is only on loan in the Avengers productions.

Basically, it all summed up money. But this also affected actor Tom Holland, who stated that he would continue in the role of Spider-man Even so, an agreement with the UCM is not reached.

The actor Mark Ruffalo He has finally commented on the case. Through an interview with the media Entertainment Tonight, on the red carpet of the new movie Dark waters, commented the following.

"I think it's amazing. He's a great guy, he's a great actor, and yes. I had a feeling they would solve it. It's good for them, and I was sad that even … I can't even imagine, after what we've all done together, like, how would you separate them"

For now, we will have to wait until the premiere of the third film of Spider-man with Tom holland to know what are the consequences of this disagreement.


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