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Why was Adele Haenel's speech so well relayed, and why did she provoke so many reactions? That of Isabelle Adjani helps to understand it.

If the statements of Adele Haenel on the set of Mediapart have moved far beyond the small Parisian sphere of the French cinema, it is of course thanks to the thorough investigation which preceded it, but also because the remarks of the artist mark a rupture with the numerous denunciations and accusations that have enamelled the news media since the advent of #MeToo movement.

In an open letter published by The Inrockuptibles, the actress Isabelle Adjani spoke on the issue, and highlighted what was in his eyes a date.

photo, deadly hikeIsabelle Adjani in Mortelle Hike

"When Adele Haenel speaks at the camera of Mediapart, a reversal occurs in the course of this French story whose outcome is always a media trial where the accused, the criminal, has the lead role and where the fate of the victim is one out of two classified without follow-up, for cultural embarrassment. "

Words even more accurate, that this is precisely the phenomenon that we have witnessed in recent days, with the inflation of the controversy surrounding I accuse of Roman Polanski. An untenable situation, once again making the director the central subject of a problem where potential victims appear as so much collateral damage of great media attention.

"It's the anti-Weinstein affair, it's the story of women's oppression, the story of the three H's: harassment, humiliation and shame. Adele Haenel does not try Christophe Ruggia, there is no case Ruggia. There is an absolute paradigm shift, the story of Adele Haenel. "

And well for once, we agree. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to profoundly change the habits of a French cinema that has a hard time understanding changes in the social body.

Photo by Adele HaenelAdele Haenel

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