NFL: The Azteca Stadium court, ready for Chargers and Chiefs VIDEO


Mexico City /

The court of Aztec stadium is ready to host the meeting of the NFL this Monday between Chargers Y Chiefs. And is that the court looks spectacular, So this time I will not be a problem as it happened a year ago.

The people of the NFL are already working on the Azteca Stadium court, as they have started painting the yards and shields of the teams that will be disputing the Monday Night Football.

The specials in taking care of the fields of the NFL have been working on on the field of Colossus of Santa Ursula and they have been very satisfied with the way the pitch is taken care of.

And you have to remember that a year ago the NFL had to cancel the match that was agreed at the Azteca Stadium between the Chiefs and the Rams, precisely because the court was not in good condition.

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