Presidential candidate Warren attacks billionaires


"Some billionaires do not like my 2 percent wealth tax. I'm shocked, "jokes Elizabeth Warren on Twitter, presenting her latest commercial with this introduction: she accuses four heavy-headed men either of having a criminal past, of being supporters of Donald Trump, or of increasing their own fortunes in the financial crisis to have. As a crisis profiteer, the former boss of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein is highlighted.

Winand from Petersdorff-Campen

The banker has now reacted snappily on Twitter. He was surprised to find himself in the commercial of the Warren campaign, given their real opponents in the political arena. Although she is not his favorite candidate, he shares many of her views. "The denigration of people for belonging to a group may serve their campaign, but not the country."

Then he added a particularly venomous sentence: "Maybe she just has tribal thinking in her genes." This is an allusion to Warren's self-portrayal as a Cherokee. That's why Trump has repeatedly called her "Pocahontas" with relish. She felt compelled to undergo a genetic test that revealed that six to ten generations ago, an ancestor was an Indian.

The sound gets sharper

Ethnic origin plays an important role in attitudes in the United States because public institutions such as universities in particular have a legal obligation to promote minorities. Investigative journalists from The Washington Post and the Boston Globe have sought evidence that Warren has brought their alleged minority status into the bargain for their professional advancement at American universities. You have never found evidence for it.

The tone between Warren and the billionaires is getting sharper. She accused her now most loyal opponent, hedge fund founder Leon Cooperman, of being accused of insider trading in the commercial. This is an incomplete representation of a stock market supervision investigation that ended with a settlement without any admission of guilt.

The quick-tempered Cooperman has now countered in a television interview: Warren is pathetic, she did not know what she tweets. "I donate more money every year than they do in my entire life." There are indications that Cooperman's repeated provocation has been calculated. "It's like a miracle. Every time Elizabeth Warren pounds billionaires we get new campaign workers, "her campaign manager Suzy Smith is quoted as saying. In an interview in which Cooperman defended himself against Warren, the billionaire had burst into tears.

Facebook belongs to the bad guys for Warren

Since then, Warren's campaign team has been marketing a coffee mug with the inscription: "The tears of the billionaires." The campaign not only motivates volunteers, it also serves as a demarcation for intra-party competitors. Her repeated advice is that she is fighting big money. Therefore, she does not take checks from action groups (pacs) and do not attend elegant fundraiser events. That was aimed at Joe Biden.

Their latest commercial underlines something else: Facebook belongs to the Warren team finally in the realm of evil. In the latest spot investor Peter Thiel is not only held his Trump support, but also membership in the Facebook Board, as if that would be reprehensible for themselves.

This fits the recent Warren attack. Facebook invest millions of dollars in lobbying against possible antitrust proceedings and have begun a charm offensive among republican MPs. Now Facebook have also sponsored a dinner in which the controversial constitutional judge Brett Kavanaugh held the ceremonial speech. "Let's say what that is: corruption," Warren tweeted.

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