Puerto Ricans Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran are involved in the signal theft scandal


Puerto Ricans Alex Cora
and Carlos Beltran, supposedly, are
involved in the signal theft scandal by the Astros of

Cora was ‘bench coach’ and
Beltran player of the 2017 edition of the Astros, who won the World Series. From
according to a report from the subscription cyber portal, The Athletic, the
Astros used the technology to steal the signals from the receivers

As reported by the former pitcher
of the Astros Mike Fiers and other team members who spoke in a way
anonymous, a camera in the center garden was synchronized with a monitor in
the tunnel between the dugout and the dressing room. When a breakthrough was coming or
instead of speed, from the dugout there was a sound of a blow against a
zafacon, to alert the Astros hitter of the type of pitch that

That report was published.
a few days ago and last night in a follow-up story, The Athletic published
that both Cora and Beltran were part of the scheme.

The matter is being
investigated by Major League Baseball (MLB) and can have serious consequences
since in addition to executives, coaches and Astros support staff, there are
three active leaders involved: AJ Hinch (Astros), Cora (Red Sox of
Boston) and Beltran (New York Mets).

Cora was champion in 2018 in
his debut as a leader in the majors and Beltran was named a few weeks ago
in charge for the Mets.

“Right now MLB and the Astros
They are doing research. It would be irresponsible of me to comment while
it takes place, ”Cora told The Boston Globe.

Meanwhile, Beltran spoke to The
New York Post and denied knowing the scheme.

“I don't know that camera. We were
studying the opposite team every day. We were very proud to study
pitchers on the computer. It is the only technology that I use and understand, ”he said
Beltran who retired at the end of the 2017 season after a 20-year career
that many understand has the merits to enter the Hall of Fame.

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