The Fourniret trail becomes clear in the disappearance of Lydie Loge


Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier sleep again in prison. After 48 hours of hearing by the police of the Central Office for the Repression of Violence against Persons (OCRVP), the custody of the serial killer and his ex – wife Monique Olivier were lifted this Thursday afternoon.

However, the couple did not finish with the affair Lydie Loge, this young woman evaporated on December 18, 1993 at the age of 29 in Saint-Christophe-le-Jajolet (Orne) after returning from her Christmas shopping. "In the next few hours," the floor of Caen will "open a judicial inquiry," confirms Carole Etienne, the prosecutor. On the other hand, Michel Fourniret should not be indicted immediately. "There is no urgency, it is localized," says the magistrate.

After a riddle of 26 years, the case has rebounded in February: investigators discover that the DNA of a hair element collected in the Fourniret van matches with an ascendant of the missing. A second expertise validates the results in September.

Fourniret's answers deemed interesting

Above all, according to concordant sources, testimonies accredit the presence of Michel Fourniret in the Orne at this time, when he was supposed to be in Belgium. Nobody is able today to certify that he was on the jobsite where he had to work on December 18, 1993. "We must be careful because the facts are old. But elements still imprecise suggest a path in the Orne Michel Fourniret, "supports the prosecutor of Caen.

The custody of Michel Fourniret at OCRVP has been made difficult by his state of health: he suffers from Alzheimer's disease. "He is sometimes lucid for a few minutes, and then has long moments of absence," says a close investigator. Already elliptical before his illness, follower of convoluted formulas, the serial killer of 77 years has however delivered answers deemed interesting. Not to mention a confession, he has never officially denied his involvement in the disappearance of Lydie Loge. If it is established, it would be his 11th murder.

Condemned many times by her side, Monique Olivier has, this time, distanced herself from her former husband. She assured the police that she was not aware of this case. Even if the couple is presented as "inseparable", Monique Olivier could escape an indictment. "This case goes back to 1993, says Richard Delgenes, his historical lawyer. A period when my client was no longer with Fourniret for her murders. "

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