The Mexican who did not go to the U-17 World Cup and now arouses attention in Holland


The case of Teun Wilke is that of many players when they reach the national team. The competition is very strong and some of them end up not fulfilling the dream of representing their country.

It was all set for the youth to play alongside the Mexico U-17 World Cup that is taking place in Brazil, but days after a tour that the Tri had for South America they informed him that they would not take it into account .

"The character is not shown in the victories, it is taught in the dark moments, the moments when things are not going well, when there are disappointments, that is when you raise your head. I want to be the best striker in the world and I knew I had to return to Europe and work longer ", commented in an interview with ESPN.

In spite of his tears for the non-inclusion in the Aztec commission, the one from Queretaro began to arouse attention for his scoring level that he shows in the Heerenveen of Holland.

The young promise closed his interview by setting an example to Chicharito Hernandez: "It was a very big disappointment what happened to me, but it is part of this. The Chicharito also stayed out of a call for a U-17 World Cup and finally triumphed in Europe."

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