US Ambassador to Mexico admits that his country is responsible for violence


"For me it is a shame that in my country there is so much drug addiction," he said during an event with students from the Tecnologico de Monterrey.

The United States ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, admitted the responsibility of his country in the violence caused by drug trafficking in Mexico.

“For me it is a shame that in my country there is so much drug addiction. I do not really understand, with all my heart I do not understand, how we are such a free country, with so many opportunities in life, and how many of our people go to drugs and take drugs, ”said Landau as he participated in the International Symposium of Economy, organized by the Student Society of that race at Tec de Monterrey.

“I believe that we on our side of the border too we have a lot to do and I recognize it, that's why they are shared challenges. I recognize that many of the problems that Mexico is facing with organized crime are the results of our drug addiction, ”he added, according to the newspaper. Reform.

The US diplomatic representative acknowledged that your country is part of the problem in Mexico and that is why he wants to be part of the solution. "We cannot be in the situation where we are blaming each other, where Americans think:‘ ah, this is Mexico's problem, 'and Mexicans say ‘ah, no, it is the United States problem."

On the recent violent events of Culiacan and Sonora, Landau declared: “it cannot be that there are groups of criminals who they have control of part of the territory from Mexico, that is basic for sovereignty, which has to be the Army that has the monopoly. ”

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