Coupe de France: at the meeting of Petit Poucet Chilly, the anti Paris SG


Le Petit Poucet High-Savoyard Chilly (Regional 2) is playing a 7th historic round of the Coupe de France against Hauts Lyonnais (National 3), this Saturday (6 pm) in Rumilly. A tour marked by the entry into the running of professional clubs that derogate from his philosophy. Spotlight.

Two more turns and Chilly will cross, perhaps, the road of Paris Saint-Germain. Another planet for the modest Haute-Savoie club, catapulted this summer for the first time in Regional 2, the equivalent of the 7e division.

The Regional Tom Thumb – with Annecy-le-Vieux – embodies better than anyone the definition of amateur club. Far, far away from Qatari investment funds.

In Chilly, a rural village of 1300 perched on a plateau 25 terminals Annecy, we remain faithful to its principles. The club founded in 1977 has gone through the best era in its history, a penny remains a dime.

"No match bonus or travel allowance is paid. It's unique for a R2 team. You can double the premiums more easily (laughs). With us, you pay your license. In return, you have the right to clean the locker room, wash the jerseys and hold the refreshment ", fun Gilles Mugnier, the president.

"Before being paid, it will go up in L2," teases Thibault Bianchi, providential scorer in the previous two rounds. "Many are wondering how to play at this level without giving any money? We try to inculcate values, "illuminates its president.

"We may still be Gauls"

Combativeness, commitment, respect, friendliness. ES Chilly, the only Haute-Savoie club to have a women's and men's team in the league with Thonon Evian (formerly ETG), knows the recipe to cement its 270 members and 55 committee members.

"We do not sign here for the money but for everything else," said striker Robin Carrillat. "The Friday after training, we drink a shot together. "

"Here you can not play, shower and stop at 5pm," warns Laurence Mugnier, the vice president. "Chilly, it's far, it's eccentric. We come for the atmosphere. "

We invite you to go there on August 15 to see you. For five years, the ESC has organized a huge popular festival that brings together 4,000 faithful.

Wood-fired bread, savoyard meal with tomme blanche, charcuterie and potato fritters sprinkled with pinard and cervoise. Kermesse, old-fashioned hype, chainsaw wood carving, Miss Harvest election and baloche at night. A vital entry into the coffers of a club with a budget of 200 000 € autofinanced.

"It can also sometimes be scary," concedes Laurence Mugnier. "We may still be Gauls," adds his brother Gilles. "Some do not acclimatize. There are not many, but it happens. "

On the green rectangle, the transplant seems to take between the new coach Gregory El Mouets and his group drawn mainly from local players. "We benefit from a golden generation of 22 to 25 years," savored the president, guarantor of values.

In the evening, qualification or not, players, leaders and faithful supporters of ES Chilly will meet at "Marilyn", the bar-restaurant transformed into HQ. Chilly, as a club (*).

(*) More than a club

The probable team

Goddet – Claret, R. Mugnier, Besson, Defoly – G. Tissot, Martinez, Shepherd (cap) – Berot, S. Mugnier, Roulier.

Replacements: K. Tissot, Cusin, Bechet, Bianchi, Jourdan.




3rd round: beats La Semine (D3) 5-0

4th round: bat Allinges (D1) 4-0

5th round: bat Villefontaine (R3) 1-0

Round 6: Defeat Cruas (R2) 1-0.

Hauts Lyonnais

3rd round: bat Rive-de-Gier (R3) 3-0

4th round: bat Privas (D2) 2-1

5th round: beat Bourg-Argental (D2) 4-0

6th round: beat Lyon Duchere (N) 0-0 (5 tab 4)

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            Posted on 16/11/2019 at 06:05

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