Criticism: ISIS arrives in Seville



ISIS arrives in Seville


Gregory Kunde in Samson et Dalila del Maestranza. Photo: Antonio Pizarro

"Samson and Delilah" by Saint-Saens. Gregory Kunde, Nancy Fabiola Herrera, Damian del Castillo, Alejandro Lopez, Francisco Crespo, etc. Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville and Coro de la A.A. From the Teatro de la Maestranza. Jacques Lacombe, musical director. Paco Azorin, scenic direction. Theater of the Maestranza. Seville, November 14, 2019.

From Merida comes to Seville, in co-production, this crowd “Samson and Delilah" from Saint-Saens recreated by Paco Azorin, lately fond of move the action to more modern times. In the Roman theater of Merida the decoration for a work like this and the Maestranza is something else, so the modifications have been numerous. Paco Azorin conceives the confrontation between Philistines and Hebrews in the context of the conflicts that today alter the peace in the Middle East, with the population as the main affected by repression, torture and lack of solidarity. The confrontations are broadcast live by a journalist who also ends up being immolated during the popular bacchanal, turned into a public execution of the Hebrew prisoners who remembers the so widely disseminated ISIS a couple of years ago. The beginning and the end, even with a scenic fault in this one, they are spectacular, with the huge stage of the Maestranza empty of sets but full of more than two hundred figures and the support of good lighting. Among them, with the solidarity as a challenge of living together, some social groups with physical or mental deficiencies. In the rest of the work, only gigantic letters with the word Israel and film projections. All very far from the luxury of the last production of the piece in the Met, more suitable for the place and very much to the taste of an audience that cheered and even got excited.

He directed with solvency -word describing the bet globally – but with some late payment Jacques Lacombe, Baton Holder in Bonn and frequent in Berlin, to an orchestra to which we have heard superior performances. All right, instead, the chorus in this eminently choral score. The cast headed it Gregory Kunde, who debuted in Valencia in 2016 and more recently he addressed it in the Met. Become a tenor spinto and dominator of belcanto, responded to all the demands of the work. The voice is well preserved, firm and with hardly any vibrato, always projecting adequately. Something blurred happened in his prison scene, but he shone in the duo with Delilah next to Nancy Fabiola Herrera, who sang with line the famous Aryan although one point lacks voluptuousness. Correct, in the absence of greater gravity, in the duo with the High Priest. We often complain critics of the lack of presence of Spanish singers in the distribution of our theaters. The Maestranza seems to have picked up our complaints and all other artists are Spanish speaking – Damian del Castillo, Alejandro Lopez, Francisco Crespo, etc..- Y they fulfilled their tasks with full solvency. This is the way forward.

The lyric season is completed, in addition to concerts and recitals, with “Agrippina","The Lavapies Barber" Y "Traviata" Gonzalo Alonso

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