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Full on the Twelve: The European Football Championship will take place next year from 12 June to 12 July in twelve European cities. Belgium, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain and Ukraine have already qualified prematurely for the EURO. In addition to the two group firsts (a total of 20 teams) are also the four winners of the playoffs of the Nations League here. This is what the groups look like …

Group A: England needed only one draw against Montenegro – and celebrated a shooting festival: The British have qualified with a convincing performance for the European Championship finals. Czech Republic and Kosovo made the second place in a direct duel with each other – Czech Republic prevailed short and goes to the European Championship. Kosovo, however, has a guaranteed playoff spot as the winner of Group D3 of the Nations League sure.

Group B: Ukraine are already qualified as group winners. Defending champion Portugal can secure a ticket against Lithuania if Serbia does not win against Luxembourg. If the worst comes to the worst, Portugal, as the winner of Group A3, would be detained in the playoffs. Serbia is out of the race if they do not win against Luxembourg and Portugal win. As the winner of the C4 Group of Nations League but waving another chance in the playoffs.

Group C: The Netherlands are drawn by a draw in Northern Ireland. In the worst case, Oranje would still be the winner of Group A1 of the Nations League, the back door playoff open. Germany would qualify with a win against Belarus if Northern Ireland does not win and even with a draw if Northern Ireland loses. Northern Ireland would be out in this case. Belarus, as the winner of Group D2 of the Nations League, will receive another qualifying opportunity in the playoffs.

Group D: Denmark would qualify in a victory against Gibraltar if Switzerland loses against Georgia. If necessary, a playoff starting place wins as the winner of the group B4 of the Nations League. Switzerland qualify with a win against Georgia if Denmark does not win against Gibraltar. Both decisions were postponed after the 9th matchday. The Confederates also have a playoff place in the hindquarters as the winner of the Group A2 of the Nations League. This also applies to Georgia as the winner of Group D1 of the Nations League.

Group E: Vice World Champion Croatia is going through a draw against Slovakia. The Slovakians and Hungarians can neither qualify nor retire on the penultimate round of the match. Wales would be out of the race in a defeat in Azerbaijan.

Group F: Spain already has the ticket for sure. Sweden qualified as twelfth team by a victory in Romania. Romania have no chance for a direct qualification but can still hope for the play-offs.

Group G: Poland is on the safe side prematurely. Austria draws a draw against Northern Macedonia. In a defeat would be North Macedonia as the winner of Group D4 of the League of Nations in the playoffs. Slovenia would be out if it does not win or if Austria win.

Group H: Turkey is qualified after the draw with Iceland. World Champion France needed another victory against Moldova. Because the fact that Iceland could not win against the Turks, the French are no longer recoverable.

Group I: Third-placed Belgium, who already have the ticket for sure, would make the group win with a draw in Russia. The Russians have also already achieved the qualification. Scotland qualify for the playoffs as the winner of Group C1 of the Nations League.

Group J: Italy have the group victory already sure, Finland followed on Friday (15.11.2019). The cheering of the Northern Europeans is great: With the victory over Liechtenstein, the Finns managed for the first time the qualification for a big football tournament. Armenia resigned, but Bosnia-Herzegovina moves into the playoffs as the winner of Group B3 of the Nations League.

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