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Thiago Silva, captain of the Brazilian team, who lost 1-0 on Friday with his counterpart from Argentina, made some explosive statements about Lionel Messi, in which he criticized his attitudes on the court and accused him of wanting to command the game.

Silva said that Messi always wants to take advantage of the admiration they feel for him, including the referees, and that is why he tries to influence the decisions they make, "he wanted to command the game," said the defender.

"He gave two balls, and the referee did nothing. He argued with the referee and he kept laughing. We must put aside the admiration," said the Brazilian captain.

The central defender of PSG, I continue affirming that the Argentine always looks for to force the faults near the rival area pressing the referees of the parties.

"He always seeks to force the referee to give them foul situations or dangerous throws, and he always acts that way," he said after the game ended.

However, Thiago Silva went further to ensure that he has spoken with several players and they tell him that Messi does the same in Spain in the League games, to try to take advantage of his media influence.

"We have talked with some players who play in Spain and the same thing happens, seeks to control the game, and mediate the referee's decisions," said the World Cup with the Carioca team.

Thiago Silva ended up saying that this attitude is less frequent in Lionel Messi when he plays in the Champions League, because in that competition the referees are tougher. However, he said that there are arbitrators who, by admiration of the Argentine, "put themselves on their side."

"In the Champions League, he doesn't have that advantage because the referees are tougher. You don't see him trying to send so much. There are referees, who out of admiration, start to get on his side. Since we didn't have Neymar at our side, he is at a disadvantage," Brazil's captain finished.

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