Fashion: Alber Elbaz from A to Z


The designer returns to the front of the stage and launches his brand AZ fashion, a "dream factory" where to deploy his fashion lexicon.

C as colors. From his childhood in Tel Aviv, he kept the taste for color. A clever blend of bright or muted shades, mauve and blue, mustard yellow splashed with black that goes with fabrics, leathers, furs with naturalness and spirit.

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B as Jewel. His adornments have a crazy personality. At Lanvin, we've seen copied plastrons, adorable pearl necklaces, and brooches become classics. His partnership with the luxury group built around Cartier suggests the best.

Like Alber. Its roundness, its glasses, its bow tie and its keen eye show as much singularity as intelligence, sensitivity and modesty. Born in Casablanca, he grew up in Tel Aviv, lived in New York, exploded in Paris. Here he is at the Swiss Richemont.

F like women. "A woman told me one day that every time she was dressed in Lanvin, a man fell in love with her … I called her the next day and I told her,"I prefer that you fall in love! "" Alber Elbaz speaks to all women. "I like old, young, wrinkles, rounds."

R as Dresses. We recognize them at first glance. They caress as much as they dress, catch the eye with a ribbon, a drape, a brooch … Dresses are the centerpieces of her vocabulary.

Z as Zip. From a detail that was concealed, Alber Elbaz made his trademark. His exaggerated zips are two-way. They show and hide. Alber Elbaz shows his creations of course, but remains mysterious.


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