Federico Rampini at Piazzapulita against the left: "The North Africans pass off? And they feel compassion"


Mashed potato Federico Rampini wand the left. He, as a former journalist of the Italian Communist Party at the time of Enrico Berlinguer, tells a A clean sweep a bitter truth: "At the time, Bologna was the showcase of the left. The left that wanted to order, to good management. Today if I go back to Bologna and I have to stay near the station, I am afraid to leave after 10 pm" . The situations of degradation are everywhere, because "this is a different left".

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For Rampini the left "embraces the culture of permissiveness, for which drug dealers are worthy of compassion, especially if they are North Africans, because who knows how much degradation is behind ". And so the people feel abandoned by a political force" that has become a machine of power, which has moved away from its roots ".

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