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A fire in a Deutsche Post distribution center has caused six-figure damage. Letters and parcels were not destroyed. The fire caused probably a defect in a charging station for e-bike batteries.

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The fire in the night of Friday has completely destroyed the roof of the warehouse in Alsfeld (Vogelsberg), as a police spokesman said in the morning. Injured people do not give it. The damage to the hall, which was only a few years old, is estimated to amount to several hundred thousand euros. Earlier, even a million loss was mentioned.

For nearly four hours, the 60 by 20 meter building burned. One citizen had observed flames leaking from the roof and sounded the alarm. According to the fire department, about 100 task forces were on site. They extinguished the fire. Several e-bikes were causing problems for the postal deliverers in the hall. Their batteries exploded in the fire.

The insulation on the roof had made the fire work, said a fire department spokesman. The insulation burned heavily. However, the forces had prevented the fire from spreading to other buildings.

No post office in Alsfeld and surroundings

The cause of fire was unclear for the moment. Fire investigators began the investigations on Friday morning. These showed that there is a charging station for the mentioned e-bike batteries in the area of ​​the fire. In the afternoon, the police reported that the investigators believed that a technical defect in this charging station was responsible for the fire. There is no evidence of arson.

According to Deutsche Post, the building is a delivery point from which an area with a radius of 30 kilometers around Alsfeld is supplied. Since the parcels and letters for Friday had not yet been delivered, there were only a few shipments inside. These were not damaged.

"We assume that, except for the property, nothing was affected," said spokesman Thomas Kutsch. The delivery vehicles on the farm were also intact. On Friday there was no mail for the people in the Alsfeld area. They would pick up the parcel delivery on Saturday and try to get the letter delivery started, explained Kutsch. But you are looking for an alternate property.

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