Fortnite X Battle Breakers: Possible Fortnite Skin and Back Bling Reward for free


This is what has been confirmed and what we know about possible Fortnite X Battle Breakers rewards, which include a Fortnite look and free back bling.

Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, have released a new game called Battle Breakers. Battle Breakers is a new role-playing game created by a small Epic team as an exciting project.

The game features hundreds of heroes, bosses to fight and shoot down, and more than 1,000 dungeons in volcanoes, forests, glaciers and more. It is available for free on PC in the Epic Games store, as well as on Android and iOS. Here is a look at the breakthrough of Battle Breakers:

Fortnite X Battle Breakers

As this is created by Epic Games, it is not surprising that Epic is using the player base and the Fortnite content creator to help promote the game Battle Breakers.

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To celebrate the launch of Battle Breakers, Epic has a Boss Bounty program from Battle Breakers. This allows those accepted in the Support-A-Creator program to earn some money from their media without requiring a purchase at the end of the media.

Players simply need to play and defeat the first three bosses of the game. The creator will earn $ 3 of this without buying. If you are interested in the game and want to support us, do not hesitate to use FORTNITE-INSIDER as your compatible creator in the game.

Battle Breakers Rewards Program
Battle Breakers Rewards Program

Fortnite Skin and Back Bling for free

According to Fortnite filters, there could be a Battle Breakers reward that will provide players with a free Fortnite mask and a Back Bling reward. However, there seems to be confusion if the free Fortnite look will be for Save the World or Battle Royale.

Here is a look at the possible Fortnite free mask called "Razor":

Fortnite Battle Breakers Fortnite Skin Razor Free
Fortnite Battle Breakers Fortnite Skin Razor Free

Here is the Razor mask in the game:

Dataminer ShiinaBR published a chain that he found suggests that the Razor mask will only be free in Save the World.

– "Fortnite: Razor Hero"
– "Unlock Razor in Fortnite: Save The World"

However, this could change in the Fortnite v11.20 update next week. There is also no information on what players will have to do in Battle Breakers to get the free skin in Fortnite.

We will keep you updated with any new information about this possible Battle Breakers mask that is available for free in Fortnite once the v11.20 update falls next week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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