France – World | Alsace: she had hidden the body of her mother in the garage to touch her retirement


"I was caught in a gear, I did not know how to backtrack …"

For ten years, a woman hid the body of her mother in the garage of the family home, Erckartswiller (Bas-Rhin), to continue to receive his retirement pensions, tells us the Latest News of Alsace.

The old lady died in 2006 and was only found in 2017. It was the granddaughter of the victim who had given the alert. She had sought to reconnect with her grandmother. Her mother then admitted the unthinkable: the body was hidden in the garage "under a concrete slab and a large amount of advertising flyers".

Four years in prison

The cause of the death of the old lady, who died at the age of 74, could not be determined: natural death or bad care?

The 58-year-old girl was therefore only prosecuted for fraud – 170,000 euros in undue social benefits.

She was sentenced to four years in prison, two suspended sentences.

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