It's confirmed, Thomas Berdych will retire!


The tennis player confirmed this Saturday the news in a press conference. At age 34, the player is about to retire.

Indeed, his father had said, while the announcement was not yet official, that his son was preparing to retire before Berdych confirms on social networks. "I do not know exactly the day and the hour when I made this decision, but it was very soon after the US Open this year (…) Really, the sensation that I had during my last official match It was just to say 'OK, it's over'. It's like, you try
absolutely everything and that gives this result (…) You really fight of any
your strengths but you fight with yourself, not really with the opponent
he continued. "I was able to train, get ready and you get to the tournament, you play three games and the problem comes back".

In 2019, the player did not manage to exceed the 100th place worldwide while he was one of the top 10 world from July 2010 to October 2016.

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