Manchester United meditates move card by Jadon Sancho


It has probably been one of the proper names of the week, because Jadon Sancho It has been on everyone's lips. Many rumors have talked about him, especially for the renewed interest of Real Madrid and what that always draws from other parallel information.

At Borussia from Dortmund They begin to admit that the 19-year-old will leave sooner or later and it seems that next summer may be the ideal time. By age, projection and because it would leave a large sum in the coffers of the German club, where they would enter a large sum.

There is talk of some € 100m, and now The telegraph insists that it is the amount that the Manchester United meditate offer in the winter market. Because in Old Trafford they know that next summer the bid is going to skyrocket and that's why they intend to get ahead of everyone.

As Chelsea did a year ago with Christian Pulisic. The same strategy to follow, now ensuring his signing to leave it transferred until the end of the season. We will see.

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