More pedestrian space in Carcaixent


The Carcaixent government, made up of representatives of Compromis, PSPV and the unassigned mayor Juan Albert, is also committed to increasing pedestrian spaces. The improvement works on Vidal Canet Avenue, one of the main urban roads, have already begun. The remodeling will improve the visibility and safety of pedestrians, increase parking spaces for people with reduced mobility and install bicycle parking at all crossings.

The objective pursued by the city council is to promote spaces "that are fully accessible, eliminating changes in ground level in pedestrian routes to make the avenue more accessible." The remodeling of the sidewalks will also improve visibility when crossing the street. The local executive wanted to "put an end to the improvisation that has been followed in the different urban actions that have been done on this avenue", one of the most central and busy of Carcaixent.

The extension of the sidewalks means a total paved area of ​​2,055 square meters. For the good development of the works it has been necessary the drastic and controlled pruning of the orange trees of the avenue to facilitate the passage of the milling machine and prevent it from breaking the branches in an unrecoverable way. Taking advantage of this need, the technical staff has considered it appropriate to intervene intensively in the trees to improve the structure.

The work will also be used to renovate part of the drinking water supply facilities, both in the change of pipes and in the installation of circuit sectorization devices to control leaks. "This will allow to end uncontrolled leaks, improving the efficiency of the installation and reducing costs for the population," said the municipal government.

The project will also improve the pavement by eliminating the unevenness and subsidence that has been located in this area. The road was badly damaged by traffic and degradation of the materials used in previous interventions from various sources. The asphalting surface is 9,000 m2 in total and the works include the lifting of sewers and telecommunications nodes until the new level, in addition to the replacement of the horizontal signage.

A "friendlier" city

The Councilor for Territory, Lluis Candel, highlighted yesterday the need for such a performance in one of the main roads of the town. "Vidal Canet Avenue is one of the most traveled roads daily by vehicles and people and therefore it was the responsibility of the administration to intervene to avoid very dangerous situations," he added.

The councilor has also stressed that the design of the avenue prioritizes the space of cars in front of people. "To improve the safety and accessibility of pedestrians, we have had to cut asphalt space that was already unused in the corners." At the end of the works, according to the mayor, Vidal Canet "will present a more friendly aspect, designed for pedestrians and the challenges that mobility requires." Candel has asked «understanding and collaboration to the neighbors for the inconvenience that may be caused» during the course of the proceedings.

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