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Markneukirchen (dpa / sn) – Saxony's prime minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) has called for decisive action against hatred and extremism in Germany. He was extremely shocked by the climate and the speeches that are now held, he said on Saturday at a CDU state party conference in Markneukirchen. AfD officials would speak like neo-Nazis, demeaning others with demagogy and malignancy, twisting history and spreading a terrible spirit in their speeches: "We must face them."

"The Federal Republic of Germany has therefore been recognized in the international community again, because it is after 1945 to these dark, difficult, terrible times and sides of their history," said Kretschmer. German politicians always have to deal with it responsibly and try to do everything "that this world is a good one and Germany can make a contribution to it".

Kretschmer called for civil courage. Everyone must disagree with disparaging remarks about foreigners, about democracy or about politicians – whether in the circle of acquaintances, at work or in the sports club: "We Germans must not be sleepwalkers when it comes to our freedom, to our democracy." One could see how thoughts become words and words become deeds. There is a line from the National Socialist underground via Oslo and Christchurch to Halle.

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