Peruvian National Team This is how we saw them in the final test | Colombia | friendly | Ricardo Gareca | Qatar 2022 | sports


– Pedro Gallese, Goalkeeper

Sober and safe. Colombia did not arrive much but responded to two shots from outside the area and one hand in hand.

– Aldo Corzo, defending

– Although a bit messy, he did a good job of pressure on the Colombian exit. It put a lot of strength in the brand.

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– Anderson Santamaria, defending

Nervous. He failed once to move the ball and did not try again, then played two touches and was safer.

– Luis Abram, defending

He had a correct performance. He defended his sector well and did not have much trouble. He played the 90s and is the undisputed holder.

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– Miguel Trauco, defending

Constant resource in the possession of the ball, always connected well with Flores and Aquino. Clean exit.

– Renato Tapia, steering wheel

Net charge of recovery, very aggressive in the brand. He did dirty work and ended up exhausted.

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– Pedro Aquino, steering wheel

He drove the midfield. He did Yotun's work and did not disentangle. He always sought to enable the strikers.

– Edison Flores, steering wheel

In the first half he took over the left side, but could never beat Arias. He connected with Trauco and Aquino.

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– Luis Advincula, steering wheel

Used as an extreme, he used his speed to carry danger, he lacked more courage. In defensive matters, he backed off well.

– Raul Ruidiaz, Forward

He played looser in the company of Paolo and occupied spaces. He went down a lot to collaborate with the midfielders.

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– Paolo Guerrero, Forward

He fought and held on as he knows. He was always well taken by Sanchez and Mina. He had a very clear free kick.

Those who entered

– Zambrano. Aggressive in the brand but controlled. He lost the mark in the Colombian goal.

– Benavente. He entered with desire but did not accommodate on the left. He hit one on the stick.

– Pole. It did not transcend as Advincula and the clearest occasion failed.

– Coast. He had few minutes.

– Ascues. He had only one minute.

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