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                    Raul Melara said there are members of different political parties involved. Quijano reiterated that he has never negotiated with gangs.                 </p><div>
                    <p>The deputy and current vice president of the Legislative Assembly, Norman Quijano,<span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>  met with gang members,</strong></span>  expressed the Attorney General of the Republic, Raul Melara. If he negotiated with them or there are indications that the official committed a crime, he would not speak because, he said, the investigation is ongoing.

"There is a video, yes, of Norman Quijano meeting with gangs," said the prosecutor in a radio interview on Thursday night. Melara warned that they will prosecute those who have committed a crime in this case. After these statements, Quijano again rejected the accusations.

"There is a video, yes, of Norman Quijano meeting with gangs … I don't want to err in names but there are politicians from different parties who are involved."

Raul Melara, Attorney General of the Republic

The head of the Public Ministry said that not only Quijano appears in videos, but that “politicians from different parties (politicians) who have been involved. ” He mentioned the capital's mayor, Ernesto Muyshondt, and the former Minister of the Interior, Aristides Valencia.

Melara's statement confirms what prosecutors said in the trial of 425 MS gang members prosecuted for different crimes in the “Operation Cuscatlan” case.

In fact, Melara mentioned that the Prosecutor's Office was questioned about hiding the videos but that they were presented as evidence at the trial.

At the trial, prosecutors described part of the content of the videos. In the case of Quijano they said that in the recording he tells gang members and other people that he had a program of prevention and citizen action, sponsored by the UN, that was going to be implemented in the IVU and Iberia colonies of San Salvador.

Although they said he is heard asking for their vote, they did not detail whether he offers money or what he negotiates, as witness Noah declared.

Quijano defends himself
"I reiterate to you my innocence in the face of any accusations that I am accused of and that I have never negotiated with gangs," said the politician.

“Everyone talks about a video, starting with the tenant of the Presidential House … I asked to be shown and they told me it was not possible. It's hard to comment on a fact that I don't know. ”

Norman Quijano, Vice President of Legislative Assembly

He adds that all the officials have contact with the citizens and that it is difficult to attest to the fact that in those visits to communities that they carry out they greet gang members. He even says that he has asked to see the video and was not shown so he can not comment on it, and that all this is part of an attack on his "prestige" and "image."

Quijano was summoned by the Prosecutor's Office to testify about those videos last week. The communications office was asked as to what he was called but did not respond to the request. However, Quijano says he testified as a witness and not as the accused.


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