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Sometimes too individual and not very happy in his choices, Kylian Mbapp did not succeed his return in team of France against Moldova (2-1) Thursday. Raphal Varane and Didier Deschamps gave him some advice this Saturday, like a little warning.

Team of France: Mbapp

Mbapp was not successful against Moldova

Thursday, Kylian Mbapp made his return to the French team in the victory against Moldova (2-1) in the eliminators of the Euro 2020. Dice, like many of his partners, the 20-year-old striker was sometimes annoying as well. The world champion can give the impression of wanting to do too much.

R. Varane – he can not do everything at the same time

Between technical gestures and attempts at solo raids, Mbapp showed excesses of individualism during this meeting. And when it does not work, like Thursday, we mainly remember the PSG player's check. In a press conference on Saturday, the day before the last match of the Euro 2020 eliminators against Albania, Raphal Varane gave his teammate a tip.

In the group life I feel very good, it's always the same. In the field, he could do better against Moldova, he knows it. Sometimes he has to choose between his qualities, he can not do everything at the same time. What is needed is that he can have a binder with his teammates said the French central defender in what looks almost like a warning. But at the level of envy, we can not blame him , adds the Real Madrid player.

D. Deschamps – he has a lot to do, maybe a bit too much

A few minutes later, Didier Deschamps also spoke about it. Kylian always has this ability to make the difference himself. He will continue , assures the selector, before sliding his turn a deposit: There is risk taking, but you have to find a happy medium. Kylian has always been part of the collective. He has a lot against Moldova, maybe a bit too much. Against the Albanians, the Blues will wait for a Mbapp a little more collective.

After, he enters a collective and depends on the players who are around him, continues Deschamps. Everything depends on the animation. He knows it, he is aware of it. He would obviously have liked that it would be better for him on this match, even if the result was even when it arrived. And if Mbapp allows France to win tomorrow, his little excs on the pr will be quickly forgotten.

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