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When he appeared before journalists last Wednesday, Marc Bergevin did not just look like a happy man, he had the image of a hockey man who trusted his team. And it was not just an adornment.

It is obvious that the general manager of the Canadian loves his team very much now, and with reason since everything has been in the oil for the Habs for a few weeks.

The training he has set up gives very convincing results.

In her press briefing, Bergevin spoke about the situation of the teams in the Eastern Association, mentioning that she had a handful of elite teams, then several others with the potential to carve out a place in series.

In which category does Bergevin place his team? If you want my opinion, it ranks it in the "elite" category.

Difficult to contradict it at the moment in the light of what we have seen since the beginning of the season. Everything works, at all levels. Both offensively and defensively, as in the net, it is quite difficult to find negative points in addition to perhaps lack of discipline on occasion.

But that's correct.

Coach Claude Julien must have a great time running this year. Not only, as I detailed in a previous column, everything he touches turns into gold, but the hierarchical situation of the team gives him a latitude that any coach dreams about.

Let's be honest, the Canadiens do not rely on any star player other than goalkeeper. In any case, not in attack.

In doing so, the coach can juggle his trios as he sees fit without necessarily having to juggle the ego of the supervedettes.

The best example: he recently demoted Tomas Tatar on the third line, without making any waves. When you lead Sidney Crosby or Connor McDavid, you have to be more careful, but in the Canadian, everyone understands and accepts.

In the back, Shea Weber has become the backbone of the defensive brigade while Jeff Petry continues to be an effective team player.

And I must admit, I was a bit hard on Ben Chiarot when he signed last summer. The left-handed defender impresses me for a few games and we feel he is more and more comfortable in the blue, white and red environment.

I think more and more that the most crying need in the Habs is not on the left of the defense.

Once again, it's a center that can play on the first two trios that the Habs need.

To return to Bergevin, one aspect that should contribute to his happiness is that the team has about $ 8 million of play under the salary cap. In addition, the last repechages have allowed the organization to add several hopes of quality in the sector.

In doing so, the Director General of the Canadian has the necessary leeway to make a transaction.

Hope and a first-round pick could allow the CH to have a good center player. And stop telling me that we have to keep our first round picks. The best example is Ryan Poehling. Yes, it's a first choice, but the 25th overall.

There is nothing insured in his case, as in the case of all players drafted at this level. In my day, the 25th pick was a second round pick.

While all is well and the morale is good, why not try a big shot, to add to the enthusiasm of everyone in the locker room?

– Interviewed by Kevin Dube

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