"With the ruling party or Ameal" – 11/16/2019


As on the court, Juan Roman Riquelme showed that in the face of the elections that are coming in Boca, he has the ball under the sole. After his public request for unity among all the candidates and seeing that it was not possible, Ten analyzes how to contribute his own to the club of his loves.

And through a statement published by his brother Cristian on his Instagram account, he said that after meeting with the candidates for president, he will define his participation in the xeneize policy. "This week we met with the ruling party and Jorge Amor Ameal. When he decides, he will let them know.", Roman's brother announced. How will JRR play?

The statement published by Cristian Riquelme

"As there was no possibility of joining the groups, this week we met with the ruling party and Jorge Amor Ameal. My brother is thinking if he can somehow contribute for the good of the club. When he decides, he will let them know."

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The roman factor

So powerful is still the figure of Riquelme? How much weight does it have on a plane – the leadership – that never militated and that many times even despised? The answer is yes. With the Gallardo cycle in full swing, the collective memory has, today, few references on which to rely on a vote of confidence in the future. And the one who can best represent that aspirational desire is him. Therefore, in these elections more than ever the JR Effect plays.

While Roman confirmed in a note with Fox Sports his desire to play in politics (under the umbrella of the “unit”), a survey was entered on the telephone of several partners to measure the influence of this actor who came to change the status quo of the choice. "If Riquelme decides to support any of the lists, would he modify his vote?" Was the question.

One of the opposition lists made a similar survey, with a surprising result. According to his data, up to 40% said he would be willing to change his vote depending on where he plays on 10. Eye, if Riquelme goes as a candidate for president or vice that number drops a lot, but goes up if his figure is associated with the conduct of football .

Despite having surveys about everything and almost everything, in the ruling party they say they have not measured the Roman impact. If, as they say, the information wins battles, it would not be unusual for that data to be well saved. In that case, they do see it as an important conditioner, especially in the undecided group.

In that sense, both in the case of Beraldi and Ameal, they know that a JR agreement with the Christian Gribaudo list would almost push them to a single list. "Even if Roman goes with the ruling party, a strong opposition list would win the elections," speculates an opposition referent. "Where Roman will play will be the winning space", is evaluated in one of the lists that has not yet adhered to any agreement.

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When the last minute of Wednesday 20 is completed, the deadline for the official presentation of the lists will have expired. Until that moment, everyone agrees that "anything can happen." The ruling party is negotiating against the clock with Roman, who wants to participate but at the same time knows that he plays a lot. As always, everything depends on him. Like when I played …

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