"You're a m … person! You don't deserve to do press! You went there to do quilombo!"


Baby Etchecopar was always characterized by being an extremely frontal man and was not afraid, in his A24 program, to aim against Hebe de Bonafini, Cristina Kirchner, Alberto Fernandez and other referents k, commenting that, possibly, in the not too distant future be forced to leave your workplace for not sharing the ideas of the new government; Now, the driver was in the middle of a new controversy.

It all started when Rolando Grana traveled to Bolivia to cover the conflicts unleashed after the resignation of Evo Morales and a woman rebuked him in the street. “This is not a battle. They are sold you. They report badly internationally, ”the protester told him. “You are a garbage, baby!”, The journalist replied. Then a photographer, named Alexis Gomez Demarco, joined the conflict and had a strong crossing with the reference of America TV and his cameraman. The photographer insulted the two professionals and, according to the images, tried to hit them.

Later Rolando would tell his version of the facts in Intratables:
“It was a very strange situation. We started taking pictures. Us
provoked by telling him that Claudio had hit a woman to put the
protesters against. They followed us for four blocks with the spirit
of ‘tell the truth, tell the truth’. A boy identified as a photographer
he hits Claudio in the camera and hurts him in the eye. ”

Dermarco responded through his social networks with a strong text. “I want to clarify something to my contacts in Argentina. Today in the city of La Paz I had a fight with the “journalist” Rolando Grana and his cameraman, in the news of America TV it was reported that they were attacked and in a telephone conversation Grana becomes the victim but did not tell that the fight was because a Girl with her partner asked her to be impartial and Grana insulted her by telling her trash and Bolivian of me, ”the man wrote.

But that was not all: “Seeing that a fellow photographer and I went to tell these people to stop insulting the woman and they instead of calming down began to insult me ​​by telling me Bolivian bullshit when I'm not Bolivian, I'm Argentine, Upon receiving these insults and none of these people and an attempt of physical aggression by the cameraman, I defended myself and pushed the cameraman. Only that happened, nobody followed them or wanted to intimidate at any time, the fight was for pride and aggressions by Grana and her cameraman ”(sic).

Baby talked about this topic and was very hard on Alexis: “Skinny, you're a coward. First you bothered Grana four blocks. Second nobody told him what you said to the girl because everything is recorded. We watched the whole video. And third you hit him because you're a coward and crap. A scourge that you are on the side, surely, of the anarchists. Of those who do quilombo. So you're a person shit, you don't deserve to do press. And I doubt that the cameras are charged. I think you went there to do quilombo, nothing more than that. ”

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