40th anniversary of Hulk Hogan's debut in WWE ring


By Sebastian Martinez – PUBLISHED ON 11/17/2019 AT 18:09

Hulk Hogan He is one of the most iconic fighters in the history of professional wrestling. His character became famous throughout the world, being one of the most recognized talents on the planet. But before that happened he had to forge a name. Such a day as today, 40 years ago, he made his WWE ring debut.

Accompanied by Freddie Blassie, Hogan fought Harry Valdez in Championship Wrestling on November 17, 1979 and achieved the first victory of his WWE career. At that time, his well-known Leg Drop was not yet in his arsenal, and Hogan won by submission using his large wingspan. A year later, Hogan left for Japan and in that period he recorded his appearance in the movie Rocky 3. He officially returned to WWE in 1983 and established himself as the company's banner until 1993.

The Rock debuted 23 years ago

The coincidences of life led Dwayne "The Rock" Johson to debut the same day as Hulk Hogan. It was in the Survivor Series 1996 event, during a classic team match, where the victory was won by eliminating Goldust ultimately. The public did not end up getting along with The Rock, known at that time as Rocky Maivia, and no one could think at that moment of what was going to become the future.

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