Carcassonne – Drunk, he hits the plots on the sidewalk and agrees to repay


Friday morning, very early, a driver lost control of his vehicle on the Boulevard Franklin-Roosevelt (Toulouse road) in Carcassonne, leaving the road to hit several metal studs placed on the sidewalk.

The accident occurred shortly before 5 am If he was not injured, the driver, a 22-year-old Limouxin, was positive during police blood alcohol testing (a rate of 1.86 g per liter of blood). He was placed in custody at the police station (Photo N. A.-V.) with deferred rights, the time to regain his senses. Following this infraction of the Highway Code, he will be subject to a penal order in February. The prosecution for damages against him have been abandoned since he has undertaken to reimburse the repairs to the mayor of Carcassonne.

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