Chelsea – Mateo Kovačić does not regret Real Madrid at all


After alternating hot and cold for 3 years at Real, the Croatian regained consistency among the Blues. All he wanted.

Croatian football's great hope since his debut, Mateo Kovačić has not always lived up to the expectations of the time when he played at Real Madrid. For three seasons, the midfielder alternated between hot and cold, and was eventually forced to rally England and the Chelsea Blues.

Off the Channel, Mateo Kovačić has found a certain regularity in his performances, which goes more paired with a long playing time under the orders of Frank Lampard. In an interview with the official website of the 3rd Premier League, the 25-year-old showed his satisfaction.

"Chelsea arrives at the best moment of my career"

"It was also a small problem in my career, everything happened too fast for me, I had three big and difficult years in Madrid, I played, I did not play, I did not I did not have the continuity I needed and what I have here now, I liked that, we won three Champions Leagues, but Chelsea is coming in the best moment of my career. important for now and I am very satisfied with it "said the one who is now 25 years old.

It is true that even if everything was not easy for him in the Spanish capital, not everyone has the opportunity to forge such a track record in the difficulty … Now, it remains to be seen if will be able to expand it even more on the side of Chelsea, where the task looks tougher.

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