Costa Rica requests that paramilitaries and Sandinistas cease siege of Masaya church, Nicaragua


Aaron Chinchilla EP. | The Government of Costa Rica urged the Nicaraguan authorities to immediately cease the police siege to which relatives of political prisoners, the parish priest and the faithful who are in the Church of San Miguel de Masaya are being subjected.

Through a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship (MREC), the authorities urged the Sandinista government to cease harassment of the Nicaraguan faithful who are in the church and also expressed a "deep concern for the systematic violation of the human rights of Nicaraguans, especially the right to freedom of expression, peaceful demonstration, and religious freedom, all guaranteed by the Constitution of the brother country. ”

Costa Rica reiterates its concern about the political, social and economic crisis that Nicaragua has been experiencing since April 2018, which must be resolved respecting the rule of law and through free, participatory, transparent and international observation elections.

For three days, the Orteguista Police (PO) and parapolicias maintained a strong deployment and fence around the San Miguel Arcangel church, in Masaya, where a group of relatives of political prisoners, together with the faithful made a hunger strike undefined to demand the release of their relatives.

During the harassment of the police of the Ortegu regime, 13 people were arbitrarily detained, several priests have been held, several journalists attacked and, in addition, all types of contact with people inside the Church are prevented.



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