Dominic BOsel World Boxing Champion in the IBO light heavyweight division


MWith a small bow, Dominic BOsel thanked his idol Henry Maske awesomely. After the spectacular win of the semi-heavyweight belt of IBO and the higher ranked WBA World Federation on an interim basis, the "gentleman" had appointed the 30-year-old Freyburg professional boxer as his successor. "He picked up the energy for the moment and then cleared it," said Maske to the spectacular K.O. victory BOsels in lap eleven after 1:12 minutes against the Swedish IBO champion Sven Fornling.

BOsel, who had slept as a boy in mask-bedding, met for the first time live on his role model. Maske had commented on the fight as a TV expert. Even better: BOsel grabbed with a courageous appearance just those WBA belt, the mask as IBF World Champion in November 1996 had missed the unification fight with WBA champion Virgil Hill. "That means a lot to me that he was here. That also motivated me, "said BOsel.

Only 41 kilometers away from his hometown BOsel showed in front of 3,500 spectators in the Messe-Arena in Halle a crazy fight. "He boxed hard from a distance, has a class jab," praised Klitschko manager Bernd BOnte, who had sent in Peter Kadiru a promising heavyweight talent in the ring. On the second lap, Fornling, the self-proclaimed Viking from MalmO, was on the ground. "I felt he could not hurt me. He powered up, then I tried it a few times, and he wobbled, "said BOsel to his tactics.

In the rounds eight and nine, BOsel took a high risk, was repeatedly pushed by the Swede in the corner and collected many blows – mostly only on the cover. "Scary, very passive," Mask said. BOsel's girlfriend Luisa, who sat on the ring for the first time, stunned her hands in front of her face. BOsel later claimed that he had played with Fornling. "The boy drives me insane, he plays cat and mouse, that's not for the faint of heart," said SES promoter Ulf Steinforth, ennobling BOsel: "He's the smartest boxer I've ever had. He planned the whole fight strategically, almost a master plan. "

From lap ten, BOsel came back full of energy and realized immediately: Here's more. In round eleven he struck his opponent with a hail until referee Jean Robert Laine from Monaco broke off the fight. The dethroned champion had some cuts on his face and had to be taken to the hospital for control. "I hope he's fine and he has no brain bleeding or anything," BOsel said after his twelfth knockout in the 31st fight.

In advance, the SES boxing stable had a contract with the American sports broadcaster ESPN completed. According to Steinforth, BOsel has the chance to "get really fat in the business". His fight exchange "in the small six-digit area" (Steinforth) is just the beginning. "I'm at the top now, there are many options. I'm not a millionaire, put my money always good in apartments, "said BOsel, who is boxing since the age of five. "I've been working towards this moment for a quarter of a century," said BOsel, who is now on holiday in Thailand.

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