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In its northern arcades at the forecourt of the church, Einsiedeln Monastery opened a new information pavilion on Saturday. For almost seven years the walk-through arcades had been restored, and the pavilion erected in it was supposed to open a "window" to the monastery.

The multimedia presentation tells visitors about the life of the Benedictine monks and the millennial history of the monastery. In addition, she informed about the offers and the places worth seeing in and around the place of pilgrimage, as the monastery Einsiedeln announced on the occasion of the inauguration.

Arcades were renewed

The semicircular walk-through arcades on the church forecourt are the "welcome arms" for visitors. They are now accessible to the public after the renovation.

The arcades were fixed with anchors in the clay soil. The
Vaults should better support the upper square and the monastery facade. The
Arkaden, which also accommodate small shops, also received new floors and
Facades, the leaky roof was patched and the shop buildings made of wood
partially replaced.

Dispute over padding

The cost of the construction work was once estimated at 6.4 million francs. They are part of the total renovation of the 40,000 square meter monastery square. This had recently made headlines because a dispute arose over the pavement.

While the district Einsiedeln and the
Disability representatives demanded a pavement tied in mortar was for
the historic preservation and the monastery an unbound pavement in sand

The Schwyz education department took a precautionary freeze in mid-September. In mid-October, the parties agreed to an interim solution. The place was completely rolled out with tied gravel. So he was until the agreement on the final execution for all people available.

Second largest church forecourt of Europe

The 270-year forecourt is part of the monumental
Baroque monastery of Einsiedeln. He is to St. Peter's Square in Rome the
largest connected church forecourt of Europe. Einsiedeln is the
most visited pilgrimage place of Switzerland.

The monastic community in Einsiedeln lives according to the rules of St. Benedict. It exists uninterruptedly since 934 and today comprises about 50 confreres between 30 and 90 years. (SDA)

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