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Welcome to the net! Last week was the international boxing match of the online players Logan Paul and "KSI". If that does not bother you, you'll learn everything about the event here.

Both have more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube, their videos are regularly watched by an audience of millions who would be jealous of some stations here in Germany. Two of the biggest international social media stars have now become "professional boxers". Because on the weekend "KSI" and Logan Paul dueled for the second time in the boxing ring. What was called "YouTube Championship" just over a year ago, the two opponents now raised to the professional fight. The fight was not shown on YouTube this time, but only on DAZN. Already in the first fight almost two million spectators were present on the paid streaming portal, this time it should have been much more. After the two YouTube stars separated in a draw in 2018, "KSI" went out in the next duel just after the decision of the jury as the winner, but that is actually a minor matter.

Because around it, the spectacle has become a huge media event, the fight was off the ring, a media frenzy of the biggest boxing matches in any way. An audience of millions had been waiting eagerly for weeks on the fight on 10 November in the Staples Center of Los Angeles. Boxing was not done this time with head protection and heavily padded gloves but cruiserweight with official license at professional level. Starting at three o'clock in the morning, the duel including pre-matches was exclusively shown at DAZN. Already in advance, the social media stars also published numerous videos about the event on YouTube, which were clicked millions of times. From a creator, "KSI", who grew up with "FIFA" videos and a controversial vlog star, Logan Paul, became professional boxers who no longer just accumulate their deposit account through YouTube clicks and product placements. Amazing how this can develop. Will there be such an event in the German YouTube scene? Controversial personalities with potential there are certainly here too.

Who are "KSI" and Logan Paul?

The British Youtuber "KSI" is actually called Olajide William "JJ" Olatunji and was first known through his commentary videos for the game "FIFA", which he published in 2009 on his Youtube channel. In addition to his main channel, he runs a second channel, on which other games such as "Grand Theft Auto" are commented. In addition to his career on YouTube, he has already made a name for himself as a rapper with success not only on YouTube but also in the UK iTunes charts.Logan Paul is from Westlake, Ohio and made his name on the now inactive platform Vine for the first time. Other social media channels followed, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Among other things, he currently publishes regular vlogs on his Youtube channel "Logan Paul Vlogs". He also starred in the Youtube Red series "The Thinning" as well as in some film and television productions and sells his own fashion collection under the name Maverick by Logan Paul. With his video content Paul reaps harsh criticism again and again.

So he published a video in December 2017, in which he was together with friends in Aokigahara, a well-known suicide forest in Japan. There he discovered and filmed a corpse, the video material was uploaded to Youtube and perceived by many spectators as very disrespectful and tasteless. After an apologetic message, the video has since been taken offline. He was also noticed several times with his reckless behavior towards animals. In February 2018, for example, he took a carp out of the water and, after a mimic massage, allowed the animal to suffocate. He also shot several times with a stun gun at a dead rat. PETA then accused him of animal cruelty. In early 2019, he did not make many friends with his idea of ​​"becoming gay for a month".

Also "KSI" has a controversial past behind. So he already stood more often because of sexist comments in the criticism. After being conspicuous at a Eurogamer event due to verbal and sexual harassment from employees and attendees, Microsoft severed all ties with the social media star. Not a few longed for such performances in the past after seeing the two cash in the boxing ring.

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